About Us

CollTech Group

CollTech Group is a company dedicated to the research and development, application support, manufacturing, and sales of high-performance materials. With operations spanning across Asia, the Americas, and Europe, we are committed to delivering exceptional and customized solutions and services to our valued customers.
With the development of intelligent manufacturing technology and the promotion of carbon neutrality and peaking goals, the advanced manufacturing industry has put forward higher requirements for functional materials, including special adhesives: green and environmentally friendly, highly reliable, and suitable for efficient automated production... At the same time, suppliers are also required to guarantee stable local product supplies and provide rapid and professional technical support.
The CollTech team is multicultural and comprises of scientists and engineers with specialized/advanced degrees in various science disciplines and extensive experience in adhesive technology. We are dedicated to support customers on an array of applications used in consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, semiconductor, medical devices, renewable energy, general industries, etc.