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Grand Opening Qingdao CollTech Bonding Technology

Date:2023-03-01   Visits:594

 -          Qingdao CollTech Bonding Technology Co.,Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CollTech Group, established in 2019,with the mission of being CollTech R&D center in northern China.

-          Relocated to Qingdao High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, the new R&D center is with easy access to new downtown area, national railway station and international airport in Qingdao.

-          The new facility building of 6,000 sqm is constructed to accommodate fully equipped laboratories for resin synthesis, adhesive formulation and performance evaluation, and to provide a pleasant working area to our extraordinary employees.

-          It is dedicated to the research and development of acrylate, epoxyand silicone based adhesives for semiconductor, automotive, consumer electronics and other industries.

With strategic expanding of R&D competence, we are getting more confident to keep our commitment, as to providing exemplary customer service by offering solutions for applications requiring high performance materials.

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