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New Key Account Manager Joined CollTech Europe

Date:2022-12-20   Visits:348

Q&A: New Key Account Manager Aims to Support Customers of CollTech in Germany

By Amandine Yu


Holger Kühnle, Key Account Manager, CollTech Europe GmbH

Before joining CollTech earlier last month, Holger worked 23 years in adhesive industry for global companies. He is well recognized by world leading customers as a trustful solution provider, with rich experience in various application areas such as auto electronics, industrial applications and medical devices. He’s also with good technical knowledge for UV light curable acrylates and epoxies, high performance 2K MMA, silicone based materials, TIM, etc. including the appropriate dispensing technologies

Holger’s joining will enhance the ability of CollTech to provide exemplary service to customers in Europe and facilitate global cooperation for multi-national projects. A brief interview was made to find out his opinion on the evolution of customer needs and his practice to fulfill them.


1. Could you please give us an overview of your experiencesin the adhesive industry?

Holger: I started with anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies and PUs 23 years ago, later on dispensing equipment was added to my portfolio. Then my main focus lied on medical customers and UV-curing equipment. From the year 2013 I was the key account manager for the South of Germany, for automotive applications. As of 11th Nov 2022 I’m key account manager for CollTech Europe GmbH for our sales in the South of Germany which geographically offers a big potential for future growth of CollTech.

Since one of my main interests is automotive sports and historic vehicles and engines, I have a good understanding of engines and machinery in general.


2. Asauto electronics will be one of your key targets, what’s your impression on this market?

Holger: Well, it’s actually one of the fastest changing markets in terms of traditional drive technology (combustion engines) versus e-drive. From this totally new markets-and technologies derive, new players conquer the business of traditional players, a unique opportunity to us and our adhesive technologies. I’m very happy to be part of this transition as an employee of CollTech., and to face the challenges together with your customers in Europe.


3. What are the typical challenges your customers are facing and how would these challenges transmit to adhesive manufactures?

Holger: For example, European customers in the automotive business suffer from a lack of availability of vital key components such as electronic chips for example. Also vs. more traditional markets: high requirements on automated manufacturing, sustainability (new energy, material waste, logistic…), safety, efficiency.

More and more key customers start to ask for reworking/recycling of adhesives, components. Environmetally compatible adhesives systems gain more importance in Germany.


4. So with your fresh eyes, what’s the strength of CollTech to face these challenges with the customers?

Holger: Before joining I already heard CollTech’s fast response for customized products and good reputation within leading customers of consumer electronics. And its affiliates in Germany, China, USA, Korea etc, those could be good advantages as a vendor of automotive market.

After joining for a month, I also found overall an impressive product range to tackle all different kinds of applications; excellent communication within CollTech group; strong R&D and technical support; smooth collaboration with R&D and technical support team in China for global projects. More to be discovered.


5. Can you talk more about the collaboration with Chinese team?

Holger:  As mentioned the collaboration has been quite smooth, I already had face to face meeting with CTO who’s based in China despite of the COVID 19 situation in November ’22 for customer visits and project follow ups.

More and more European customers want to have cutting edge adhesives developed and manufactured in Asia to reduce the carbon footprint and support local manufacturing sites in Asia. With the speed of development in Asia, CollTech adhesives are designed and manufactured at the center of global powerhouse.


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